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Pest Control

No matter what kind of pests you have Kelly’s Pest Control professionals will evaluate the problem and give you recommendations for correcting the problem. Get rid of pests and keep your home pest and disease free with Kelly’s Exterminating Service.  Kellys Exterminating Service provides pest control for many different pests.  The following are just a few: ants spiders fire ants brown recluse spiders termites mosquitoes fleas ticks bed bugs Deer Mouse Norway Rat (sewer rat) Roof Rat (black rats) House Mouse Squirrels
Kelly's Pest Control, Mobile, AL
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Fact Sheet:  Ants   Just a few ways ants can invade your home... Cracks & Crevices Doors & Window Seals Electrical, Phone Lines, Wiring Shrubs & Trees close to dwellings Crawl up outside walls through vents
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